Male Charged with B&E

During the early morning hours of March 2, 2021 the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) received a report of a break and enter in progress at a home in the Southwest Hill area. On arrival officers learned that the couple who reside in the residence was awakened to a male unknown to them. After an interaction between the male and the couple the male left the scene only to be arrested by Patrol officers following quick response.

Following the arrest of the suspect, stolen property from the residence was recovered. The incident did not result in physical injuries to those involved and the support of Victim Services has been offered to the couple. A 33-year-old Lethbridge male is held in custody and charged with break and enter to a dwelling as well as failing to comply with court order.

Media Contact:

S/Sgt Cory Both
Patrol Section
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8461


Fraud Prevention Month

March 2021 marks the 17th anniversary of Fraud Prevention Month in Canada, a month-long crime prevention initiative aimed at educating and informing consumers and the community on how to recognize, report and stop fraud.

Each year, tens of thousands of Canadians of all ages and from all walks of life are defrauded, in excess of $100 million dollars in 2020 alone. The Medicine Hat Police Service has observed a sharp increase with the number of reported frauds more than doubling over the past three years.

There is no typical fraud victim in Canada. With advancements in technology it is now easier for scammers to obtain money or property through fraudulent means and to remain “faceless” as they do so.

Consumers have a role to play in stopping fraud by arming themselves with the facts and reporting fraud when they encounter it. Recognizing fraud is the first step to better protecting yourself. It is important for consumers to remain vigilant and aware of the many different types of fraud scams out there as they are ever changing and new trends are always emerging.

Throughout the month the MHPS Community Safety Unit will be sharing information on how to recognize and stop from falling victim to common frauds and scams. This week’s focus is on cybercrimes and online scams.

Cybercrime makes up a large component of all reported frauds and scams reported each year and can include any type of fraud/scam committed over the Internet. These can include; romance scams, online investments or marketplace scams, employment, loan, ticket sale or phishing scams.

With our increased reliance on Internet related technology, especially during the pandemic, fraudsters have become very tech savvy and have more time to invest in their criminal activities. Police have observed an increase in “data breach” information use by criminals where they are able to obtain a lot of personal information which can lead to identity theft and misuse of your credit card and banking information. These “data breaches” can, unfortunately, occur to any business who stores customer information electronically, including loan companies, online gaming systems and most online sales/delivery services. If you receive notification from a trusted source, such as your bank or telecommunications service provider, advising that you may have been subject to a “data breach”, MHPS suggests that you immediately change all passwords and ensure that they are strong passwords (using different characters, number, and letters in no particular sequence). Also, as a general safeguard, it is always good to cycle or change your passwords multiple times a year.

Each year, especially around tax return time, the number of complaints received from people reporting a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam will increase.

In most cases, the target will receive a call that will be displayed as a local phone number. Upon answering the call, the target will hear an automated message the caller will identify themselves as being from the CRA. The automated voice will accuse the person targeted person of owing money and will also make threats to have the person arrested and charged. The automated recording will then direct the targeted person to “Press 1 to speak to an agent”. If the Targeted person presses 1, a person representing themselves as an agent of the Canada Revenue Agency will begin asking questions that will ultimately lead to The scammer will direct the person to provide personal information (SIN etc) or to purchase iTunes gift cards or other type of gift card to pay off their debt and instruct them to call back with the card codes. The cards will then be used by the scammer to sell on the black market.

The MHPS suggests that anyone receiving one of these automated calls, immediately hang-up. The CRA DOES NOT use automated calling systems and will have your Social Insurance Number on file. They will NEVER ask for payment in the form of gift cards.

Sometimes, the this scam will vary slightly and the caller will identify themselves as a police officers and advise the victim that their SIN has been compromised, and request that the victim confirm their number over the phone.

To protect against these common frauds, it is important to remain vigilant and NEVER provide personal or financial information over the phone. Likewise, never comply with an unsolicited phone caller who demands payment in gift cards.

Always remember:

  • The CRA will never call and threaten to have you arrested for not paying your taxes.
  • The CRA will never ask for payment in the form of gift cards or prepaid credit cards.
  • If you are contacted and told you owe money, always confirm with the CRA directly. Look up the phone number online and do not use the call back number that the caller has provided. Do not trust your call display. It may say Police or ABC but in reality it is a scammer.

If your workplace sells gift cards, you can also help by being on the lookout for potential victims and inform them about this scam. Victims may seem stressed and agitated as they are purchasing a large amount of gift cards.

If you or someone you know is a victim of the CRA scam or any other has lost money due to a fraud contact the MHPS at 403-529-8481 to report.

Due to the extremely high volume of fraudulent call attempts, if you have received a fraudulent call but are not a victim (meaning you have not shared your personal information, bank information, and have not made any payment) then there is no need to report or contact police

To keep yourself in the loop about Fraud Prevention Month activities occurring provincially, follow the hashtag #FPM2021 on social media or visit the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association website at

For more information about frauds and scams visit the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre at

Media Contact:

Sgt Adam Gregory
Medicine Hat Police Service
Community Safety Unit
Ph: 403-529-8451


Update-MVC on Cameron Rd & Cypress Way SE

Update to MVC at Cameron Rd and Cypress Way SE

On February 28, 2021 at 1156hrs members of MHPS as well as other Emergency Services attended to a report of a two vehicle collision on Cameron Rd and Cypress Way SE which resulted in one of the involved vehicles rolling over. Emergency crews are now clear of the scene and the road is open back for regular flow of traffic. Investigators are please to report that there were no injuries and the traffic collision is still under investigation.



UPDATE - Public Safety Incident

The event that occurred this evening in the area of Southview Drive SE has come to a conclusion. MHPS received several independent reports of gunshots in the area. A thorough and comprehensive area search was conducted which did not reveal any additional evidence.  The investigation is ongoing, however the area is now open to the public.  The Medicine Hat Police Service would like to thank the public for their patience and cooperation during this time.


Public Safety Incident

The Medicine Hat Police is currently dealing with a public safety incident and would ask that the public avoid the greenspace / park area between Southview Drive SE and Cuyler Road SE.  We are also asking residents in this area to remain in their homes until further notice. Additional information will be forthcoming. Thank you.


Pink Shirt Day

Today members of our staff are wearing pink in support of Pink Shirt Day. The first Pink Shirt Day was held in 2007 when two high school students in Nova Scotia took a stand for a fellow classmate who was being bullied in their school for wearing a pink shirt. The two courageous young men distributed pink shirts to their classmates in support of the student who had been bullied. Each year since then millions around the world participate by wearing something pink to symbolize that as a society we will not tolerate bullying anywhere.


As you are all aware, the past year has been challenging for everyone and has highlighted more than ever the importance of helping one another and advocating for those who need it. This year’s Pink Shirt Day is focused on ways we can “lift each other up” and funds raised will be used to support for programs that encourage healthy self esteem, teach empathy, compassion and kindness.

Today our Executive Team and School Resource Officers are wearing pink uniform shirts to show their support, and other non-uniformed staff members are wearing pink “Be Kind” t-shirts which were created by a Medicine Hat business, with proceeds provided to The 40 Hot Meal Project. The 40 Hot Meal Project is wonderful local program which involves a collaboration of business owners and restaurants in support of the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank. Individually packaged and frozen hot dinners are purchased from a local restaurants and delivered to the Food Bank who then distributes to those in need thru the food hampers.

Today and everyday we encourage you to look for opportunities to lift each other up and support others in our community.

Media Contact:

Rita Sittler
Administrative Services Manager
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8416


UPDATE- Public Safety Incident Walmart

Update - February 16, 2020 at 9:15 AM

On February 15th at around 9:15 PM the Medicine Hat Walmart was placed on lock down after the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) received a report of a threat involving a firearm directed at a specific employee working in the store.

The caller made comments about attending the store to confront the employee. As a result the business was secured by MHPS to protect the safety of all employees and customers, both in the store and in the immediate area.

The lock down lasted for approximately one hour and once it was deemed safe everyone within the store was escorted off the premise.

The MHPS Major Crimes Sections has assumed responsibility of the investigation which is ongoing to uncover the source and validity of the call.

Media Contact:

S/Sgt Ryan Thorburn
Patrols Section
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8461


The event that occurred at Walmart this evening has safely come to a conclusion. A report involving a firearm was received and out of an abundance of caution, for the safety of employees and customers the business was locked down.  The Medicine Hat Police Service would like to thank the public for their patience and cooperation during this time. Further comments will be provided shortly.


Public Safety Incident - Walmart

Currently the Medicine Hat Police Service is responding to a public safety incident at the Walmart. Please avoid the area until further notice.


Increase in Shoplifting

The Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) has noted a marked increase in the number of shoplifting reports occurring at grocery stores over the past month.

Generally, the thefts have included various foods items and other necessities of life. Retail staff and police have focused on recovering the stolen items, issuing warnings and attempting to inform the individuals on local resources that are available to assist them, including providing contact information for the Medicine Hat and District Food Bank.

If you or someone you know is struggling and in need of assistance please call the Food Bank at 403-528-4313 Ext1 and leave a message. Foodbank staff will respond to you with a pick up or delivery time within 24-48 hours and they can accommodate emergency needs more quickly if required. Additionally the Brown Bag Lunch Program is available through an online portal at


For a list of other available community resources please visit:

Media Contact:

Inspector Brent Secondiak

Operations Division

Medicine Hat Police Service

Ph: 403-529-8410


Woman Charged with Impaired & Dangerous Driving

A woman is facing charges after the vehicle she was driving crashed into a Medicine Hat home.

On February 8, 2021, at approximately 9:00 PM a 911 call was received from a resident in the 700 block of Taylor Road SE who advised that a vehicle had crashed into their house.

Police and Fire were immediately dispatched to the scene however before they arrived the driver had fled the area on foot. Members of the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) contained the area and a K9 unit was called to assist in locating the driver. A short time later, police officers were flagged down by another area resident who advised that an unknown female was located hiding in their garage.

Police initiated an impaired driving investigation and a K9 track was utilized to confirm the driver’s identify. Resulting from this investigation a 37-year-old female is facing several charges including; failing to remain at the scene of an accident, impaired and dangerous driving. Damage to the vehicle and residence is estimated at over $50,000. Thankfully no serious physical injuries were sustained as a result of this collision

The MHPS would like thank the members of the public who assisted with this investigation.

Media Contact:

S/Sgt Rod Thompson
Patrol Section
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8461