Medicine Hat Police Service Coin

Service coins have a long standing tradition in the military and more recently in police organizations.  Since its creation in 1899, the Medicine Hat Police Service has had a long standing tradition of exemplary service by its members to this community.  The recognition of service excellence is a very important part of our commitment to this community.  The Coin bears both heraldic crests of the City and the Police Service which were granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1999 in commemoration of our 100 years of service to the citizens of Medicine Hat.

The Service Coin, created in 2009, is a small medallion measuring 3.7 cm in diameter and is stamped on one side by the Service heraldic badge encircled by our core values on a blue background.  On the obverse side is the City of Medicine Hat heraldic crest encircled by the “Medicine Hat Police Service” and our Service motto on a red background.

This Service Coin is intended to carry on the tradition as a means of recognition and appreciation to the recipient. The Coin is presented by the Office of the Chief to members, staff and deserving persons in recognition of contributions to the Service and Community.