School Zone Safety Tips

School Zone Safety Tips by MHPS School Resource Officer Cst. Brad Rivard

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Inside Look at the MHPS Forensic Identification Section

The Forensic Identification Unit provides forensic services for the entire police service including:

  • Crime scene investigation utilizing photograph and video means.
  • Detection, collection, preservation and correlation of trace evidence.
  • Latent fingerprint development, identification and classification.
  • Physical comparisons of two and three-dimensional objects for matching as evidence.
  • Proper presentation of trace evidence to crime laboratories for further specialized analyses.
  • Management of all exhibits and property seized by members of the Police Service.
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Operation Safe Summer Roads

Over the summer months the Medicine Hat Police Service conducted a high profile traffic enforcement initiative dubbed “Operation Safe Summer Roads”.  Typically the months of July and August are a busy time of year on roadways, with increased traffic flows of motor vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians and children playing in playgrounds.  As such officers specifically targeted aggressive and unsafe driving behaviors in high traffic areas, during peak traffic times, with a goal of increasing the safety for all users or the roads in our city.

Operation Safe Summer Roads focused on:

  • Motor vehicle safety & equipment
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Playground zones
  • Safety in construction zones

Operation Safe Summer Roads which took place from July 17 – August 9, 2014 and resulted in the following total number of tickets:

Distracted Driving – 101
Speeding in a Construction Zone – 106
Speeding – 46
Speeding in a Playground Zone - 4
Seatbelts – 32
Child Restraint Violations - 2
Fail to Produce documents – 6
Fail to Stop at Intersection (red light) – 3
Fail to Obey Traffic Control Device – 7
Unregistered Motor Vehicle – 3
Drive with No Insurance – 2
Drive While Suspended (Provincial) – 1
Fail to Stop for Police Officer – 1
Vehicle Equipment Violations – 3
Possess Controlled Substance (CC) - 1

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The Tactical Arrest Control Team (TACT) was initially formed in 1975 made up of five members. The Team now consists of a thirteen officer Collateral Team. The Team consists of a Commander, Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, two Snipers, seven Operators, and an Auxiliary Sniper. The team generally has members represented on each of the four Patrol Crews, who provide “Enhanced Patrol” or Tactical Support during regular their duties. Members maintain expertise in, Specialty Impact Munitions, OC & Chemical Agents, Forced Entry, and Firearms, through a combination of in-service and outside training.  Recently much of the Team’s outside training has taken place in Calgary with the Calgary Police Service Tactical unit.  

Typically the type of calls for service requiring the assistance of the TACT include: High Risk Arrests, Barricaded Subject, and High Risk Search Warrants.  In addition the team will often assist on less critical calls throughout the year where their specialized skills helped resolve incidents safely.

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MHPS & AHS Bike Team Joint Training

MHPS High Visibility ResponseTeam and Alberta Health Services Bike Team Joint Training 

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