Operation Christmas Joy - Part 4

This is our final Operation Christmas video but Patrol Team 4 will be continuing their efforts to spread cheer throughout the city for the rest of their shifts this week.  They are working both Christmas Eve and Christmas night and have lots of special activities planned so be on the look out for them!

We absolutely loved the reaction of community to this project and in return it has brought a lot of joy to our members as well.  We would like to extend a special thank our amazing community partners: Canadian Tire, Kim Johnston and Val Olsen for their contributions

From everyone at the Medicine Hat Police Service we wish you peace, joy and all the best that the holidays have to offer!  May this incredible time of giving and spending time with your family and friends bring you joy that lasts throughout the year!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Operation Christmas Joy - Part 3

Quite often when our members interact with individuals in our community it is for serious matters and sadly we will often experience an increase in calls for service to help families in crisis throughout the holiday season.  We understand it can be a tough time for many people so our hope is that by having a member of the MHPS surprises some folks and give them a small gift on behalf of the MHPS we might be able to spread some cheer throughout Medicine Hat over the holiday season.  The experience is also very rewarding for our members who are excited for the chance to have a little fun and they have loved the reaction of the individuals they have stopped so far.

Walking the Beat with the MHPS: Patrol Team 3

The Patrol Section of the Medicine Hat Police Service is divided into four Patrol Teams.  Each team consists of a Staff Sergeant, a Sergeant, a  K9 Officer and uniformed Constables.

Patrol teams work in partnership with the public and provide for public safety 24 hours a day by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations.  They are citizen-focused, respond to the needs of individuals and the community. The Patrol Staff Sergeant is responsible to ensure investigative thoroughness, conduct bail hearings, monitor prisoner processing and is the highest ranking member of each Patrol Team.

The Patrol Sergeants are responsible for street level supervision, to ensure adequate and appropriate police response, officer safety and resource direction.

The Patrol Division Fleet consists of several traditionally marked and unmarked vehicles, SUVs and a prisoner transport vehicle.  Each of these are designated as patrol units, with specific vehicles designated for K9, Tactical and Supervisor Support. 

Using the latest technology, police officers are trained to manage information and intelligence in order to secure successful prosecutions Patrol members maintain their policing skills through their participation in ongoing training and development.

Video prepared by Shaw TV Medicine Hat

Operation Christmas Joy - Part 2

Following Patrol Team 4's lead, other units and sections of the MHPS wanted to join in on the fun. In total $2,200 was raised by the staff of the MHPS to be used to spread some joy in our community over the holidays.

When the Medicine Hat Canadian Tire store learned of the plan they also donated $1,000 towards the project. With this money additional toys and gift cards were purchased to be handed out by Team 4 over the holidays.

Safe Families Intervention Team

The Safe Families Intervention Team (SFIT) is a partnership that was formed between the Medicine Hat Police Service and the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society (MHWSS).  This newly formed unit is housed in the Medicine Hat Police Service building and consists of one MHPS Sergeant and two MHWSS outreach workers. 

The Mission of this unit is to provide a collaborative, timely and effective team response in partnership with support agencies to assist families in dealing with incidents of family violence.  We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to live a violent free life.

We strive to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provide early identification and the appropriate assessment(s) of families that may be in need of family violence intervention referral service
  • Reduce repeat domestic violence related calls to MHPS
  • Ensure that women and children have access to services with MHWSS
  • Provide the necessary resources, services and referrals for families to establish healthy violence free relationships

In an effort to achieve these outcomes, we make follow-up calls on police reported instances to see if there is some way we can help the family involved.  We also establish contact when families are either referred to us by others or are self-referred.

Sgt. Randy Teel
Community Liaison Officer
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8463

Video prepared by Shaw TV Medicine Hat