Walking the Beat with the MHPS: Motor Vehicle Collisions

The Medicine Hat
Police Service (MHPS) has partnered with Accident Support Services International
Ltd. in the operation of Collision Reporting Centre (CRC).  The Medicine Hat
CRC improves service to the public by offering a streamlined process
for reporting property damage vehicle collisions.  The CRC is located in the
lobby of the MHPS, located at 884 2nd Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB.

In cases where a collision occurs and
the vehicles are moveable, once reported to 9-1-1 citizens will be directed to
drive to the CRC to complete the required police report.  In cases where
vehicles are not moveable, tow trucks will be dispatched to the scene to clear
the vehicles and transport parties involved to the CRC.  Upon arrival at the
centre, citizens will be greeted by a member of the Accident Support Services
staff who will provide assistance in completing the required forms, contacting
the insurer or a loved one and even starting the claims process.

Collisions that are
eligible for reporting at the CRC include: any property damage collisions where
the damage is estimated to be over $2,000, but there are no injuries or criminal
offences involved.  The MHPS will investigate the collision
when there is injury or death, criminal activity (including alcohol) one or more
of the vehicles are federally, provincially or municipally owned, one of the
vehicles is transporting dangerous goods, or there is damage to private
municipal or highway property.  Police will also attend to assist with traffic problems and will
investigate the collision when the circumstances are such that it would be a
serious hardship to ask the claimants to attend to the CRC.

Arrangements have been made with towing companies to have the vehicle brought
to the MHPS, whether it is immediately after the incident or some time later
when the CRC is open.  Vehicles involved in a collision are photographed, and
claimants are provided with copies of all necessary documentation in connection
with their claim.

Following a collision, claimants are advised to attend to the Collision Reporting Centre which is open as follows:
Monday to Friday 
    8 AM to 6 PM

11 AM to 5 PM

Sundays and Holidays   Closed

The Traffic Safety Act states that all motor vehicle collisions involving injury or
death, where there is damage to highway property, and where the combined damage
exceeds $2000 must be reported to the police.

What should l do if I get involved in a collision?

  1. Check to determine if the police must investigate the collision.  Call 9-1-1
    to report if you are unsure.
  2. If it is safe to do so, remove the vehicle from the roadway.
  3. Exchange information with the other involved persons, including independent
    witnesses.  Obtain names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance and vehicle
  4. As soon as possible, attend with your vehicle to the Collision Reporting
  5. Bring your documentation with you to the Collision Reporting Centre, ie.
    Drivers license, ownership and insurance.

The Medicine Hat Collision Reporting Centre will be pleased to answer your
questions and can be reached at:

PHONE: 403-581-1070
FAX: 403-581-1063

School & Playground Zone Change - Effective Sept 1, 2016

As of September 1, 2016, Medicine Hat School and Playground Zones will see a change, requiring drivers to slow down to 30 km/h between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm, every day of the year.

Video courtesy of Shaw TV Medicine Hat

Victim Services Dog - Mulder

Mulder's Graduation

On Sunday, May 29, 2016 Victim Services dog Mulder, was one of 16 dogs to graduate from the Dogs With Wings program in Edmonton, AB. Upon graduation, Mulder and his handler Victim Services Coordinator Bobbi Jo Bradley returned home to Medicine Hat, to begin his work with the Medicine Hat Police Service Victim Services Section.

Mulder is the sixth dog of his kind in Alberta trained to work with victim services.  From the time Mulder was several days old his
trainers started introducing him to sounds and textures.  His proper training started daily at 8 weeks of age. He will be used to comfort victims by offering short-term animal therapy to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and other emotions that can come from high-stress situations. 

Victim Services dogs like Mulder are especially a great comfort to children. Mulder’s training and certification
allows him to function unobtrusively in public places, to ignore distractions, and to be attuned to people’s emotions. 
As a working dog Mulder will wear a MHPS service vest while on duty and will be eased into operations during the summer months.

Stories from the South Alberta Light Horse

Interview with MHPS Chief Andy McGrogan

Originally aired on Shaw TV Medicine Hat on November 7, 2015

MHPS Promo

The Medicine Hat Police Service has been proudly serving the community
of Medicine Hat since 1899. We believe that great communities start by
being safe communities, and that safe communities need a professional
police service that is committed to serving and protecting. Our
officers take great pride in providing professional and progressive
service. They care about this community and are proud to be part of the
community.  We are currently accepting
applications from experienced police officers to fill the position of police
Constable, commencing on November 1, 2016. 
Applications will be accepted starting immediately until noon on Friday,
July 1, 2016. Those interested are encouraged to forward any inquiries to recruiting@mhps.caClick here for more information on the minimum requirements
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