Public Advisory - Distraction Theft

The Medicine Hat Police Service has received information that an organized, traveling criminal group may be in the Medicine Hat area.  The group will attempt to complete ‘distraction thefts’ to obtain valuables. The circumstances could include:

•  Targeting jewelry stores and second hand stores. A team of two would ask to see a piece of jewelry and use sleight of hand or distraction techniques to conceal the item, while another counts or shows a large amount of cash.

•  Targeting individuals in parking lots and on roadways. Offering to sell a high priced piece of jewelry for a fraction of the price due to being stranded and in need of gas money. The jewelry turns out to be fake gold and is worthless.

•  Targeting individuals in parking lots and using distraction to steal items such as purses, phones and other valuables.

If anyone has information, regarding these types of occurrences, please contact the Medicine Hat Police Service at, 403-529-8481 or by email at

Media Contact:

Sgt Paul Taylor
Community Intelligence Team
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-458-1850