19-364 Flight from Police

On January 5th at approximately 2:15pm police attempted a traffic stop in the north flats on an adult male who was known to police to be on 2 driving bans through a Conditional Sentence Order from a conviction for flight/evade police and a second pre-trial order prohibiting driving.

This driver reacted to the attempted traffic stop by driving in a reckless manner to evade the marked police car. Police dis-engaged with the vehicle to prevent a pursuit and to mitigate the risk of harm to the community. Police located the vehicle abandoned a short time later. Police then attended to the suspect’s home and located the male within who refused to exit and threatened self-harm. Police conducted a manual breach of the suspects’ door to prevent any self-harm and took him into custody without further issues.

The suspect (who cannot be named until charges are sworn in court) is in police custody awaiting a Judicial Interim Release hearing for the following charges:

-Flight from police

-Dangerous driving

-Breach of recognizance

-Breach of Conditional Sentence Order

-Take motor vehicle without consent

The Alberta Health Services Mobile Crisis Team (AHS-CT) attended to MHPS and met with the suspect for assessment and professional referral to meet this subjects wellness needs.

MHPS and the AHS-CT work closely on a regular basis to offer support, assessment and referrals for those who are in crisis. The mobile team is an invaluable asset for quick delivery of services to individuals MHPS finds in crisis.

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