Monthly Enforcement

September STEP: School Zone Safety

The Selected Traffic Enforcement Program for the month of September will focus on school zone safety.

As children head back to school after the summer break, the roads will be getting busier. Drivers should allow plenty of time for their commute and exercise extra caution, especially when driving in school zones and playground zones. Children may be walking or biking to and from school or getting on and off school buses. 

Back to school facts:

  • About 6,000 school buses in Alberta safely transport almost 300,000 children to and from school every weekday.
  • Collisions involving school buses are more likely to occur during the morning than later in the day. Over 40 per cent of collisions involving school buses occurred between the hours of 7:00 am and 11:00 am (2017/18 school year).
  • About half of drivers involved in collisions with school buses committed a driver error, the most common of which was following too closely.
  • 68.4 per cent of casualty collisions and 92.8 per cent of property damage collisions involving a school bus occurred in urban areas.

Motorists are reminded to slow to 30kmh in playground/school zones between the hours of 7:30am to 9:00 pm daily, and to only park where legal to do so when picking up and dropping off children.

Stay safe!

For more information contact:

Sgt. Gerald Sadlemyer
Traffic Unit
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8471

September BEEP - Focus on Parking At/Near Schools

The Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Section of the Medicine Hat Police Service will be focusing on Parking at and near Schools during the month of September.

With the start of the new school year will come some parking problems around many schools. People living near schools often find their driveways and alleys obstructed and in addition, school bus zones are often filled with student and parent vehicles.

City of Medicine Hat Public Roads Bylaw #4346 allows for parking in alleys for a maximum of 30 minutes for the purposes of loading and unloading passengers providing that the vehicle does not obstruct the use of the alley by pedestrians or other vehicles.  In addition, parking in a designated school bus zone is a violation for the times posted at the schools. 

It is also important to park on the public roadways only and avoid parking on private property near the school unless you have permission from the property owner.  Many of the schools have parking lots that are designated for staff only or are adjacent to other private properties that have parking lots that are monitored. 

Around many of the schools are clearly marked “NO PARKING” zones that should be adhered to at all times.  These zones are placed to allow for the visibility and safety of all children around the schools. 

Bylaw #4346 also prohibits parking within 1.5 meters of a driveway or other vehicle crossing over a sidewalk.  In addition, parking within 5 meters of Stop or Yield Sign, a Marked Crosswalk or a Fire Hydrant is prohibited. 

By obeying these parking laws, we can all contribute to a safe community and make sure that all the children coming and going to school can do so in safety. 

Violators could be fined as well as have their vehicles towed.  Fines for parking violations start at $50.00.  To report a concern call 403-529-8481.

For more info contact:

Colin Heyens
A/Supervisor of Municipal Bylaw Enforcement
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8436