Monthly Enforcement

October STEP – Focus on Pedestrian Safety
During the month of October, the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) will aim to educate the public on pedestrian safety as part of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP).

Most pedestrian collisions happen during the “rush” hour periods in the morning and afternoon when pedestrians and vehicles are rushing to get to work, school, or back home. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable on our roadways, especially in poor lighting conditions, slippery and uneven road surfaces, and inclement weather. Because of the safety disadvantage that pedestrians have, drivers have a responsibility to practice safe driving habits to ensure walkways and roadways are clear of pedestrians, especially when backing up.

October is an important month to focus on pedestrian safety with all of the youngsters running around on Halloween and the inherent risks that may be associated with those activities. Darkness is staying longer in the morning and coming earlier in the evening and with kids on the way to school or playing after school we must all stay vigilant. As a motorist, please do your part in keeping the community safe and be ever watchful for pedestrians.

Pedestrians can also do their part by using marked crosswalks and wearing high visibility clothing during low light conditions. Always remember, “when eyes lock, it’s safer to walk.”

For more information contact:
Sgt Gerald Sadlemyer
Traffic Unit
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8471

October BEEP - Focus on Nuisance Animal Activities
The October 2019 Bylaw Education and Enforcement Program (BEEP) will be focusing on nuisance animal activities. 

City of Medicine Hat Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw requires that all dogs and cats be under control and not cause a nuisance in the community.  The following is a list of nuisance activities that as an owner of a cat or dog you should be aware of:

  • Run at large
  • Bite or chase a person or other animal
  • Chase any motor vehicle or bicycle
  • Bark, howl or otherwise disturb any person
  • Cause any person to fear for their physical safety
  • Cause the death of another animal
  • Cause any damage whatsoever to any property or any injury whatsoever to any person or other animal
  • At any time enter the floral area of any park or disturbs or destroys any vegetation or animal habitat in any park
  • At any time enter into any swimming pool, wading pool, or water park intended for public use or enter any body of water that is located in or flowing through any park
  • At any time enter any cemetery property within the City
  • Upset any waste receptacle or scatter the contents

Fines for having an animal that is involved in one of these nuisance activities start at $150. 

For more information on this program, Heather Trail, Peace Officer in charge of Municipal Bylaw Enforcement, can be contacted at 529-8436.