Monthly Enforcement

June STEP: Commercial Vehicle Safety

The Medicine Hat Police Service will be keeping a close eye on commercial vehicles during the month of June as part of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). Commercial vehicles are required to follow strict safety regulations relating to their equipment, maintenance, load securement, licensing and more. This also includes restrictions on where certain large vehicles are permitted to drive within the city limits. The MHPS Traffic Unit will be teaming up with the Alberta Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch and other provincial traffic safety partners to conduct commercial vehicle checks in and around Medicine Hat this month, to ensure that operators are complying with provincial regulations.

As an operator of a private motor vehicle, you can also help ensure road safety around commercial vehicles, by recognizing that larger vehicles need more room to maneuver and may at times, be required to occupy two or more lanes to make a turn. Watch closely for turn signal indicators on these large vehicles and allow them lots of space to maneuver.

Media Contact:

Sgt. Clarke White
Traffic Unit
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8471

June BEEP - Focus on Accessible Parking

Ø  Accessible Parking spaces are created to provide access for those individuals who can’t walk 50 meters.  Accessible parking stalls allow these individuals to access services and to participate in community life.

Ø  Placards are assigned to individuals (not vehicles) and must be used solely by the individual to whom it is issued. 

Ø  You can avoid having your accessible parking placard revoked or being fined by learning and respecting the Accessible Parking Placard Rules. 

Ø  Your fellow residents who require a placard in order to access services or participate in the community thank you for your consideration.

Government of Alberta Rules of Use: 

  • A valid parking placard and matching registration certificate can only be used by the person it is issued to. 
  • The placard holder can use their placard and registration certificate in a vehicle that provides them with transportation.
  • The placard holder must leave the vehicle when parking in an accessible parking stall – otherwise it is considered misuse of the placard. 
  • The placard must be hung on the rearview mirror with the registration number and expiry date visible from outside the vehicle.
  • The matching accessible parking registration certificate must be in the vehicle and presented on demand to a Peace Officer.
  • The placard holder must enter or exit the vehicle when parked in anaccessible parking stall.
  • Municipal bylaws govern accessible parking stalls on both public and private property.
  • If you abuse or misuse your placard, it may be cancelled and your parking privileges revoked and enforcement authorities notified. 

Reporting Accessible Parking Abuse

  • Call MUNICIPAL ENFORCEMENT Non-Emergency, 403 529-8481
  • Email Alberta Registries with the following information: 
    • Details of the incident, including time and place
    • The vehicle license plate number
    • Make/model of the vehicle
    • The parking placard registration number
    • Description of the individual using the placard