Advisory Re: Non-Emergency Ph Line

UPDATE: The matter has been resolved. Anyone calling the non-emergency line of 403.529.8481 will receive a message and a prompt to press 1. Please follow the instructions on the recorded message. Thank you!


The Medicine Hat Police Service is issuing a public advisory regarding a series of robocalls that have been directed at our non-emergency phone lines. This issue has been occurring since about 12:30 pm today.

The numerous automated calls have been made to our non-emergency phone line. The calls have congested our phone lines and have hindered our ability to promptly address our ability to answer and address legitimate non-emergency calls from our community.

This has the potential to delay our response time to non-emergent situations. It is important to understand that we have the ability to receive any emergency calls for service through 9-1-1. This line remains unaffected and is available for urgent police, fire, or emergency medical services.

The Medicine Hat Police Service is actively investigating the source of these “robocalls”.