Focus on Responsible Animal Ownership

Over the next couple of weeks Hatters can expect to see an increased presence of Bylaw officers in city parks and on the trail system.

The officers will be providing special attention to dog owners, making sure that the provisions of the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaws #3935 are being followed in a manner that promotes the safety of these areas for all users.

A few of the provisions dog owners should be aware of include:

  • Dogs may only be off leash on trails that are in designated as off leash areas, and when off leash must still be under the owners control.
  • Owners must immediately pick up after their dog and carry a means of cleaning up dog defecation whenever they have their dog in public.
  • Dogs must be licensed and have a valid license tag on them.
  • Dogs must be prevented from chasing wildlife as it is dangerous and illegal.
  • All trail users must be respectful of others and share the trails.

Officers will be keeping an eye out for opportunities to celebrate those owners who are modelling responsible pet ownership and those individuals will be provided with a small token of appreciation for their diligence.

Media Contact:

A/Supervisor Colin Heyens
Municipal Bylaw Section
Medicine Hat Police Service
Ph: 403-529-8436