Chief’s Commendation

Three community members were presented with a Chief’s Commendation in recognition of their life saving efforts.

On March 30, 2023, the Medicine Hat Police Service received a call reporting that a suicidal person had climbed over the railing of an overpass in the city and appeared to be planning to jump off.

Kiaya Turner and Christine Hunter-Wagner were driving by the area when they noticed the person in distress. Instead of continuing their way, they made a safe U-turn, stopped their vehicle, and approached the individual to offer help. Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, they quickly acted.

Karlie Schmaltz, also witnessed the unfolding events and stopped to provide assistance.

Kiaya and Christine engaged in conversation with the person and once realizing their intent to jump, they firmly grabbed the individual's sleeves. They then asked Karlie to call 9-1-1. Throughout this tense situation, Kiaya and Christine maintained their hold on the individual, who tried to pull away, while Karlie calmly called for emergency support.

The women stayed with the distressed person until MHPS officers arrived on scene and were able to assist with the rescue. The three women were presented with a Chief’s Commendation during a meeting of the Medicine Hat Police Commission held on May 17, 2023. There were commended for their bravery and selfless willingness to intervene. Their actions saved a life, and we thank them for their courage.

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Administrative Services Manager
Medicine Hat Police Service
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