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  • While MHPS will endeavour to provide accurate and timely information on the website, delays, inaccuracies and omissions can occur, so caution is necessary.
  • Only select incident types will appear on the map. Incident types are added over time as they occur, and new incident types must be categorized and approved before they will be displayed. Some violent crime, sexual offences and mental health files will not be displayed.
  • If you choose to create a custom alert, please note that although the form asks if you wish to include Registered Sex Offenders, this data is not available in our map, it is merely a result of the underlying software being developed in the United States.
  • This service is for informational purposes only. You will only use this website and the information in it so you can inform yourself of, and participate in this community policing initiative.
  • You understand that there may be criminal activity in your neighbourhood that hasn't been reported to the police.
  • You understand that the locations shown on the map are near but are not the exact locations that were reported to the police.

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