Dec BEEP: Focus on Safe Parking

The December 2019 Bylaw Education and Enforcement Program (BEEP) will be focusing on safe parking practices during the holiday season. The Bylaw Enforcement Section would like everyone to always consider parking lot safety all year round, but take extra care around Christmas time when people can be preoccupied or rushed .

Parking lots are busy places, filled with vehicles and people anxious to complete their Christmas shopping list. Road surfaces can be slick and the available spots are a bit tougher to find.

The Public Roads Bylaw # 4346 is the bylaw to be referred to for the following common parking offences in the parking lots.

  • Parking in a Fire Lane, even if you only going to be a minute and is prohibited, the fine could be $50. This space is for emergency personal only, at all times.
  • If you have a handicapped placard, please display it, if you are not handicapped you may not park in these designated spots. Unless you are authorized to do so, parking in these spots could add up to a $ 200.00 fine.
  • Loading zones are clearly marked and parking there for any other reason other than loading is prohibited and also carries a $50 fine.

Adding to the confusion, the lines can be covered when it snows, so please take extra care and always park within a parking stall.

For a safe and happy holiday season, have some extra patience, keep your speeds down and use safe backing practices.

For more information on this program,contact Heather Trail, Supervisor of Municipal Bylaw Enforcement, at 403-529-8436.