Structure Fire in Crescent Heights

On August 10th at approximately 2:30AM police responded to a structure fire at the Northlands multi-dwelling complexes. Upon arrival, one of the dwellings was billowing smoke and flame from the patio and exterior wall(s). Emergency services suppressed the fire as police checked on the well being of area occupants. Fortunately no one was injured and the scene was deemed safe for the area residents.

Police located the person responsible for igniting this fire. a young boy (under the age of 12) was found to be responsible for starting the fire. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, criminal charges cannot be laid on a person under this age threshold (Arson).

Police utilized the MHPS mobile app to publish an immediate notification to subscribed local residents to avoid this area. This immediate form of communication to our community serves as an invaluable tool to help police mitigate public safety and allow our emergency personnel to do their work.

S/Sgt Fraser #279