Be The Change Award - Tara Chisholm

On International Women’s Day the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) pledged to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of individuals in the community (Medicine Hat & surrounding area) who lead, inspire, and motivate women, and who work to break the bias towards advancing gender equity.

This month, Tara Chisholm was nominated and chosen as the recipient of the “Be the Change Award.” Tara volunteers as the Head Coach for the Women’s National Canadian Para Hockey Team. Tara also provides leadership in five very prominent roles: She is the Founder and Program Coordinator of the Medicine Hat Adaptive Sport & Recreation; Provincial Coordinator for Boccia - Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association; and the Provincial Program Director for the Paralympic Sport Association and the Physical Literacy Consultant with Ever Active Community.

Tara recognized the need for adaptive sports in Southeastern Alberta and was committed to making sports available to all. Through her leadership, advocacy, fundraising and commitment to her community, Tara has made competitive and recreational sports more equitable and accessible to everyone. Medicine Hat Adaptive Sport and Recreation focuses on the sports of sledge hockey, boccia, adapted cycling, wheelchair curling, and other adapted fitness. In addition, Tara works with organizations in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area to provide others with free certification and the tools to be able to coach, lead, and gain confidence while fulfilling their dreams. Tara has taken this passion one step further – she also advocates to increase women not only in sport but also in coaching positions. Tara spends a lot of her time organizing and coaching other women to fulfill this endeavour.

Tara’s passion for helping others in the community has certainly touched those around her. Tara’s friends and co-workers say that “Tara inspires women daily to be their best selves”. Tara is recognized for stepping up when a helping hand is needed and is most certainly a role model in this community. Through mentorship and guidance, she inspires the future generation of women not to be afraid and to speak up for equitable opportunities. Tara is committed to mentoring women and encourages them to step into her leadership roles. Tara recognizes the importance of guidance and is dedicated to the future development of women coaches in today's world.

Congratulations Tara! You are a true pillar in this community. Through your commitment and dedication to others, you brighten our community. The Medicine Hat Police Service along with the Medicine Hat Police Association are proud to recognize you and your endeavours. We urge you to continue your advocacy and encourage all those in the community to support you as well.

If you know of a role model in our community who would be deserving of the Be The Change award recognition, nominations can be submitted via the MHPS website ( or mobile app for consideration. The nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprised of women who serve with the MHPS and each month they will select and arrange to meet with the winner to celebrate their accomplishments.

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