Be The Change Award

On International Women’s Day the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) pledged to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of individuals in the community (Medicine Hat & surrounding area) who lead, inspire, and motivate women and work to break the bias towards advancing gender equity.

This month, Chelsea Purves of Crew Training and Sabrina Moore of Kollektiv Cycle have been chosen as the co-winners of the MHPS “Be The Change Award.” Both women have put their blood, sweat (pun intended) and tears into opening their own local fitness studios so that they could not only create a positive work/life balance for themselves, their families, and their employees, but to also create a positive and motivating fitness experience for all Hatters.

Taking the leap of faith to start their own business was scary. Both Chelsea and Sabrina have their own business obstacles to overcome, but together these women have supported, encouraged, inspired, and motivated each other to keep going. When one needs help, the other is there to pull them up. Their selfless collaboration and continuous promotion of each other’s efforts showcase their true desire for the other to succeed. Chelsea and Sabrina are strong, independent woman that have built their businesses based off their steadfast values, which allows them to confidently support other local businesses as they do not fear competition, rather they embrace it.

Sabrina and Chelsea see their instructors as an integral part of the team and focus on ensuring their instructors feel supported to work around varying family dynamics and additional work commitments. Instructors at Kollektiv Cycle and Crew Training are so passionate about being part of and Chelsea’s teams, that they don’t view it as ‘work’ but rather there is a sense of ownership. The relationships built within these businesses are knit together in trust, respect, and value for one another.

Both women showcase a true desire to pay it forward. Chelsea and Sabrina intentionally look for opportunities to support not only their own instructors and clients, but also their fellow business owners. Throughout Covid, Sabrina and Chelsea joined forces knowing they were stronger together and could make a bigger impact on the community when united. That was how ‘Kollektiv Crew Challenges’ were born. These challenges encouraged all Hatters to participate in activities that challenged their mind, their movement, and their community engagement. Money was never the motivating factor, yet the community continued to step up and offer prizes and donations and the list of participants far exceeded the expectations of Sabrina and Chelsea. The challenges raised money for the Root Cellar, Breast Cancer awareness, APARC, Saving Grace Animal Rescue and encouraged Hatters to stop in and support various local businesses. Recently, Kollektiv won the Best of Medicine Hat Award in the sports and fitness category and chose to redirect their $500 Medicine Hat News ‘thank you to voters’ printed segment back to the community by donating it to Covenant Health St. Joseph’s Home. women are adamant there is ‘more meaning, more impact and more longevity in donating to local causes and charities.’ Ultimately, the lengths Sabrina and Chelsea go to give back to their community is inspiring!

Sabrina and Chelsea encourage all women to find employers that make you feel valued; don’t be afraid to pave the road for others; and a reminder that the sky is the limit when you own your own business!

Congratulations to Sabrina and Chelsea!

Over the next year, each month the MHPS will select a local individual(s) to highlight and celebrate, with a goal of raising the profile, recognizing, and celebrating the achievements of these individuals who are catalysts for change in our community, and are working to advance women professionally and personally.

Anyone who wishes to nominate a strong role model in our community can submit a nomination via the MHPS website ( or mobile app for consideration. The nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprised of women who serve with the MHPS and each month they will select and arrange to meet with the winner to celebrate their accomplishments.

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