Retirement of PSD Flint

It’s with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Police Service Dog (PSD) Flint. Flint was born on September 20, 2014 in the Czech Republic and began working with the MHPS in 2016 at the age of 18 months. Flint underwent basic training with his handler that spring and was validated for service in June of that year, certifying in both general duties and drug detection. In the fall of 2019, PSD Flint’s handler resigned from the police service and Flint was re-teamed with a new partner, experienced dog handler, Cst. Jason Dola. During his career, Flint was deployed over 200 times and has been credited with dozens of criminal apprehensions.

Flint had some memorable deployments during his career. In January of 2018, police were attempting to apprehend the driver of a stolen vehicle that was operating with extreme risk to the public. The driver eventually got the vehicle stuck in a ditch and was attempting to free the vehicle to resume his dangerous flight from police. PSD Flint was deployed and fearlessly engaged the subject, ending the pursuit and eliminating the risk to the public.

During another event in July of 2019 PSD Flint responded with his handler to assist with a combative subject who police were attempted to arrest for a commercial break and enter. The subject armed himself with a golf club as police attempted to arrest him and assaulted police as they tried to take him into custody. Flint was deployed and apprehended the subject, immediately stopping the assault and allowing police to safely arrest the violent subject.

Over the past few months PSD Flint has developed some ailments that are affecting his ability to continue working. He will enjoy his final shift today, then will retire to the home of the Dola family where he will spend his retirement relaxing under the sun, chasing his favorite toys in the backyard, and eating his favorite ice cream treats. The MHPS would like to thank PSD Flint for his years of service to the community.

Additionally, thank you to Cst. Dola for his commitment and leadership to the K9 Unit and doing his part to ensure its success into the future. His willingness to put service before self is commendable.

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