In August of 2019 members of the MHPS K-9 unit obtained two new Police Service Dogs (PSD’s) in anticipation of fully staffing our K-9 unit. PSD Ace and PSD Kal were selected based upon their personality traits and their natural abilities. After six weeks of training it was determined that Ace was not suited for a career of police work that the Medicine Hat Police Service has come to expect from our police service dogs.

Members of our K-9 team returned Ace to their broker at no additional cost and he will eventually be put to use in a different capacity. We were able to select another PSD for training and deployment with the Police Service. We are pleased and excited to announce our newest K-9 officer, PSD Hutch who will commence training with his handler in the near future. We are also looking forward to the numerous Starsky and Hutch references.

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Sgt. Clarke White